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About us

About Electa Clinic

We are a team of professionals who are happy and excited to do their own work, continuously develop their skills in various courses and participate in international conferences to bring new technologies into everyday practice and offer their clients a wide range of dental services.

For instance:
✔ Professional oral hygiene includes removal of tartar, polishing of teeth and individual training in oral care, as well as nutrition effects on oral health.

✔ Dental treatment begins with a plan of treatment that has a broader vision of the mouth as a whole, not just a single tooth.

✔ Dental prosthetics today provide for the maximum conservation of tooth tissues and therefore gentle dental preparation, which means achieving the most dazzling smile with minimal loss of the tissues of the tooth.

✔ Dental surgery with implantation that focuses not on tooth extraction or implant placement, but on a vision of aesthetic, functional and sustainable restoration that is no different from natural tooth.

✔ Teeth whitening provides the most sparing and appropriate method for each patient, giving an inanimate tooth an initial appearance and recovering the natural whiteness of the live tooth.

✔ Dental regulation is often also required for adults. Orthodontics is needed to adjust the tooth row, often even before prosthetics, to achieve the best result.

✔Dental mouth guards are needed by an increasing number of people, because today's rapid pace of life is a reason for stress that can affect tooth tissue. Bruxism is the reason for rapid dental wear that turns into a serious problem over the years.

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Important information

"Electa" Ltd., medical treatment institution code 0100-00404, is located at a new address at Kr.Valdemāra Street 106-182, Riga, LV-1013, on the first floor of a multi-story building. The clinic ensures the availability of the environment to persons with functional disabilities and dental services in accordance with approved medical technologies in the following procedures:

✔ Individuals with functional disabilities can enter the premises independently using external and internal ramps

✔ There is a suitable toilet room

✔ Visual information and audible signals are provided to persons with hearing or visual impairments

✔ If necessary, the clinic's staff can be involved in more convenient mobility

✔ You can apply for a visit by phone 67385501, 29191576 (LMT), 27080068 (Tele2) or electronically - by sending a request to

✔ When signing up for a visit, please let us know about your special situation.

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