Dental adjustment with aligners is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Statistics show that up to 70% of Latvians have their teeth in the wrong position. Inclined teeth are the most common finding, and severe malocclusions are less common.

Often malocclusions are only considered as aesthetic problem and people do not take into account the fact that it can cause serious health and functional problems, which are more difficult to treat over time. Many do not start orthodontic treatment just because they do not want to wear braces. Modern and invisible treatment method is now available – clear aligners.

Aligners have proven their effectiveness not only in the easiest cases of teeth straightening, but also in difficult cases. It is possible to close the gaps between the teeth, straighten the crowded teeth, and improve the occlusion.

There is no age limit for teeth straightening. The main condition is to be motivated and constantly (22 hours a day) wear the aligners.

Orthodontic treatmentwith clear aligners is becoming increasingly popular in Latvia. Why do patients choose aligners instead of braces?

  • The result is more predictable;
  • Transparent treatment;
  • Alignersare non-allergic, does not damage the oral mucosa and tooth enamel;
  • It is easier to eat and brush your teeth, because aligners are removed while eating and brushing;
  • No need to change your eating habits;
  • Less pain, lessinjuries to the cheeks and lips;
  • Fewer visits to orthodontist;

Ordoline is the latest generation orthodontic system. Thanks to innovative technologies, proven treatment protocols and the integration of a wide range of orthodontic instruments, Ordolinealigners can be used to straighten teeth and regulate the occlusion even in the most difficult cases.

Ordolinealigners are manufactured in the European Union and are made of healthy PET-G thermoplastic polyester to make them almost invisible, comfortable and efficient. At the Ordoline center, each aligner is carefully cut out according to the patient’s gum line to prevent gum recession and irritation. Aligners are made according to an individual treatment plan, carefully calculating the duration of treatment and the desired result. For treatment to be effective, Ordoline adheres to strict manufacturing process and quality controls.

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Treatment process and duration:

Step 1. During the consultation, the doctor will perform the necessary examinations (dental impressions or scans, photographs of the face and teeth, X-rays) in order to prepare a treatment plan.

Step 2. An individual treatment plan is prepared for each patient. In the digital 3D visualization you can see how each aligner will change the position of the teeth, what will be the end result and the duration of the treatment.

Step 3. Manufacturingprocess. After manufacture, the aligners will be sent to the orthodontist, who will give them to the patient along with the necessary instructions for use.

Step 4. Treatment. The patient changes the aligner independently every 10-14 days. On average, visits to the doctor are every 2-3 months to make sure the treatment is going as planned. The average duration of treatment is about 8-18 months (depending on each individual case).

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