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Dental treatment

Dental Treatment

After taking a look at the oral cavity dentist creates the treatment plan, which is discussed with the patient. If there is no acute pain, It is better to start off with dental hygiene!

We offer all sorts of dental fillings:

✔ Light-cured composite filling

✔ Amalgam filling

✔ Ceramic inlays and onlays 

 Composite onlays and overlays

We work with modern materials, which have high esthetic properties, high wear resistance and small shrinkage coefficient. It means that the filling will serve for many years, will not wear out and will not change in color.

If the defect in tooth is not serious, filling can be made in one dental appointment. If the defect is serious, that is the walls of tooth are thin or most of the tooth is damaged or broken, then It is better to replace the missing tooth with micro prosthetics (ceramic or composite onlays or overlays).

In this case the tooth is renewed with ceramic filling- inlays and onlays. This requires two dental appointments. If the tooth has changed in color or there are huge displeasing fillings near front teeth, with gaps between teeth, then it could be fixed by the so-called esthetic tooth restoration.

Tooth is filled and covered with white filling, which looks like a real tooth. We offer root canal treatment as well (endodontic treatment) . 

We successfully deal with seemingly difficult teeth. There are great results in dealing with chronic infections in the root ends! Our doctor professionality, friendly attitude towards patient and empathy helps to achieve perfect results and makes the dental appointment pleasant! Even the most scared patients with time understand, that dentistry can be pleasant!

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