Dental hygiene

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but brushing alone cannot keep your teeth perfectly clean and shiny for long.

It’s even harder with dentures, braces, crowns or implants.

Even if your teeth are in very good condition, you still need to have a dental hygiene treatment at least every six months.

The hygienist will not only advise you on dental care, but will also check the condition of your teeth and determine whether you need to see a dentist.

How does dental hygiene work?

Tartar is removed using an ultrasound machine and special instruments. This is followed by polishing the tooth surfaces with a special paste that makes the tooth surface smooth, clean and brighter. Tooth polishing also includes the removal of coffee, tea and smokers’ deposits.

Why is dental hygiene important?

This procedure is very important for the health of your teeth and gums, as hard and soft plaque build up in each and breed bacteria that contribute to diseases of the tissues surrounding the teeth.

Dental hygiene recommendations >>>

Dental hygienist - Margarita Gorbunova


Complete oral hygiene 89.00€
Partial oral hygiene 65.00€
Sandblasted oral hygiene 95.00€
Dental hygiene for children under 12 50.00€
Removal of tartar on one tooth 7.00€

Caries prevention measures


Coating of fissures with silanes 50.00€
Fluorogel application in one jaw 15.00€
Fluorlac tooth coating (one unit) 5.00€
Tefenfluoride tooth coating (one unit) 10.00€

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