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Aesthetic dentistry

Patients are often concerned about visible fillings in the anterior tooth area or discolored teeth. Uncommonly, patients do not like interdental gaps or misalignment.

In this case, aesthetic dental filling with high-class dental fillings or prosthetics (veneers or crowns) can help. 

Tooth wear

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is becoming an increasingly common problem

Crown cementation with dual-set cement 40.00€
Composite posterior 200.00€
Ceramic posterior 350.00€
Glass fibre post in root canal 60.00€
Restoration polishing of the incisor 35.00€
Tooth jewelry 60.00-80.00€
Amalgam fillings 60.00-90.00€
Front tooth filling 60.00-100.00€
Esthetic Anterior composite restoration 130.00€
Posterior (premlar) tooth filling 60.00-80.00€
Posterior (molar) tooth filling 70.00-100.00€
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