Dr. Jeļena Saleniece

Certified dentist, head of the clinic

In 1997, graduated from the Dentistry School of the Latvian Academy of Medicine.

Knowledge is regularly supplemented in seminars and courses in Lithuania, Russia, Germany, as well as in Latvia:

  • Certificate – Mini screws as temporary anchorage elements in orthodontics,
  • Certificatus – Challenges and Achievements In Restorative And Functional Dentistry,
  • Certificate – Fundamentals of Occlusion Analysis, Certificate – Fundamentals of Implantology, Theory and Practice,
  • Certificate – Implantology courses K3PRO theory and practice,
  • Certificate – XIVE Implantology 2010.

Extensive experience in dental treatment and prosthetics.Performs aesthetic dental restorations, treatment of root canals, all types of prosthetics – veneers, various crowns, removable prostheses, etc. Also performs tooth extractions and implants.

Language skills – Latvian, Russian, English.

Career highlights:

Starting from 2006 – dentist and head of the clinic ELECTA LLC.
1996-2006 – dentist at VALIS LLC.


Courses in 2016

  • ABC of Increasing and Stabilization of Occlusal vertical dimension: implant prosthetics”
  • Occlusal splints: treatment ABC
  • Teeth preparation for micro restorations:ceramics and gold
  • Implantation for beginners with a guaranteed success. How to take the first step and put first implant?
  • the Esthetics meeting in Bodrum/Turkey
  • Quintessence of esthetic dentistry
  • Vienna Cadaver Course 24hours
  • Sofia Dental meeting – congress

Courses in 2017

  • Dental implantation with the help of surgical guides in the Straumann implant system
  • Teeth and Implant Restorations in Esthetic Arca
  • Periimplant Soft Tissue the Key to success: from theory to practice
  • “Emergencies in dentistry”

Courses in 2018

  • Airnivol Training and Certification course 8 hours
  • How to help different types of people according to the principle of anthroposophy
  • Spatial correction of the bite curve, gradually restoring the loss of dental tissue
  • Straumann Summer Forum 2018 – 16 hours
  • Practical course for obtaining Platelet-rich fibrin and atraumatic extra flap
  • How to evaluate occlusion and optimize bite line functionality
  • Neodent “Full arch Rehabilitation – “One Abutment One time” technique” course
  • 3rd Baltic Implantology Symposium
  • “Taking blood from a vein using a vacuum system”
  • “Staff and treatment process management in a dental clinic” course
  • “Zero Bone Loss Concept the development and maintenance of bone stability around implants”
  • Communication psychological trainings 06.09.2016 – 28.08.2018 – 200 hours

Courses in 2019

  • “How to evaluate occlusion and optimize bite line functionality”
  • Topics of anthroposophical medicine on the origin and essence of anthroposophy, human triparticity
  • Posturology – a new paradigm in dentistry and medicine
  • Straumann BLX implant system: new possibilities and clinical cases
  • ”Inspiration from nature“ Aesthetic rehabilitation of composite material
  • Global trends in digital dentistry
  • Eptamed: the ultimate strategy in dental treatment
  • Treatment of fully edentulous patients – analog an digital treatment protocols Straumann forum 2019
  • Basic of clinical Gnathology in stomatology Lectures and masterclasses

Courses in 2020

  • “How to evaluate occlusion and optimize bite line functionality” – 18-hour course
  • How aligners can help in implant and/or prosthetic treatment?” Theory and hands-on
  • Airnivol the aligner course” Analysis of different clinical cases.Digital approach and workflow.
  • Tips & Tricks for work with aligners
  • Airnivol the aligner course “Mistakes and troubleshooting in clear aligner treatment”
  • Cranio-mandibular orthodontics Sadao Sato online course
  • Mini-invasive Treatment of Warn teeth Patients (bruxists) prof. Camillo D’Arcangelo University Chieti-Italy
  • Aurabalt and Micerium online course
  • Simple and predictable Adhesive Cementation of veneers, inlays and overlays with biocompatible composite material online course by prof.Camillo D’Arcangelo University Chieti-Italy
  • Dr. Stephano Conti – representative of the B.O.P.T.concept in the world: ”Biologically oriented preparation technique & 3D TMJ free movement concept
  • Osteobiol course, all about the sinus: a general and lateral approach
  • Immediate implantation and immediate full-arch restoration by Straumann Pro Arch protocols’.

Dr. Aleksandrs Makarovs

Certified dentist

Graduated from Riga Pauls Stradiņš University in 2009.

Fluent in Russian, Latvian, English and Swedish, as well as basic knowledge of French and German.

He is communicative, kind and attentive in his work. Able to find the optimal option in complex cases using modern technologies.

Regularly improves his knowledge in dental periodontology, surgery, aesthetic dentistry, as well as prosthetics in Latvia, Austria, Germany and Ukraine.

Specializes in implantology, such as Straumann, and works with world-famous systems such as Ankylos, Xive, Alphabio, Miss, and others.

Dr. Violeta Matašova


Graduated from the Dentistry School of Riga Stradins University.

During her studies, she has already actively attended international conferences and groups, such as the Health and Social Sciences Conference and the 8th Prevention Conference. After graduation, the doctor is still interested in the latest technologies in dentistry every day and attends additional educational courses to improve her professional knowledge and skills. Violeta is always ready to help both adults and little patients.

Participated in a course on effective communication with the patient in dental practice, which helps to ensure an individual approach to each patient.

In 2019, attended Riga Stradinš University International Student Conference “Health and Social Sciences”
In 2018, attended the 8th Prevention Conference GC FRONT TEETH AESTHETIC RESTORATION COURSES
In 2015, participated in the “Effective communication and management in dental practice” course
In 2015, attended the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Club

Laila Kondratjeva


Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Riga Stradins University in 2021.

Doctor Kondratjeva is kind, has excellent communication skills, always offers the most optimal treatment, and constantly expands her knowledge in dentistry.

Supports the so-called “minimally invasive approach” – at the initial stage of tooth damage (the “spot” stage) begins by motivating the patient to improve hygiene, and observes the teeth over time, only performing repairs when truly necessary.

Prefers to perform dental hygiene procedures by herself, as she considers it the basis of a healthy and beautiful smile.

When treating the teeth, the anatomical shape of the tooth is restored using modern, wear-resistant sealing materials for the lateral teeth. The front teeth are beautifully and imperceptibly restored with high-quality composite materials that do not discolor over time. Also uses biomaterials in her work, which are becoming more and more popular and often used in dentistry.

Gladly works with both adults and children!

Excellent knowledge of Latvian and Russian languages, speaks English at a conversational level.
Regulary expands her skills and knowledge in courses and conferences:
“Emergencies in dental practice”
“Medbaltica 2022 LZA Conference”
“Successful endodontics. Simple about the complicated”
“Oral and General Health”
“Bleaching. Restorations. Polymerization”
“Is it possible to perform disinfection of tooth root canals following a simple and understandable protocol”
“Rubber dam in endodontics – doctor’s whim or necessity”
“Use of biomaterials and bioceramic sealers, latest materials, techniques”  etc.

Dr. Alla Jacenko 


Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Riga Stradiņš University.

During her studies she was active in extracurricular activities and spoke on such topical issues as “The effect of posture on masticatory muscles and dental health” and “Use of antimicrobial agents in the paediatric dental patient”.

Works with the patients of all ages. Will listen to your needs and provide personalized treatment plans adapted to your unique needs.

Dental therapy, prosthetics, consultations.

Languages: latvian, English, Russian.

Margarita Gorbunova

Certified dental hygienist

Young, energetic, with a good sense of humor. Has a strong sense of responsibility. Good contact with people of any age.

  • Graduated from Riga 1st Medical College in 2002.
  • Graduated from the RSU Academic School of Dental Hygienists, Dentistry School in 2014.
  • A member of the Association of Dental Hygienists since January, 2015.

Regularly updates knowledge in seminars on client communication and on the latest in dentistry.

Extensive language skills – Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian, English.

Career highlights:

  • Starting from 2007 – dental nurse at ELECTA LLC.
  • 2003-2006 – dental nurse in the Department of Prosthetics, Institute of Dentistry, Riga Stradinš University.
  • 2002-2003 – dental nurse at private dental practice.

Anžella Nikolajeva

Dental nurse

Graduated from Riga 1st Medical College, dental nurse specialty

Has 13 years of experience in dentistry.

Regularly updates knowledge in seminars on the latest in dentistry.

Completed courses:

  • disinfection system Dürr,
  • oral hygiene products and their use,
  • X-ray techniques and methods,
  • use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs in dental practice,
  • emergency aid,
  • management sciences.

Language skills – Latvian, Russian, English.