Lack of one or more teeth can cause adjacent teeth to sag or pull, resulting in changes in the bite, loss of other teeth, or problems with the jaw joint. We have the help of dental prosthetics – it is an artificial restoration of lost teeth.

If the defect in the oral cavity is unrestricted (missing teeth at the end of the row), then it will be necessary to make removable dentures from acrylic (plastic) or valplast (i.e. flexible plastic), or an arch prosthesis.

Temporary plastic crown (made in the lab) 90.00€
Temporary plastic crown made by a dentist 50.00€
Temporary (PMMA) digitally made crown (up to 2 years use) 120.00€
Composite crown 210.00€
Metalceramic crown 360.00€
Cast metal crown 210.00€
Emax (porcelain) crown 450.00€
Full-shaped Zircon crown 420.00€
Ceamic-coated zirconia crown 480.00€
Full-shaped Zircon crown on Megagen implant 700.00€
Full-shaped Zircon crown on Straumann, Prama or other premium class implant (on standart abutment) 800.00€
Root canal inlay 90.00€
Root canal inlay (two parts) 110.00€
Root canal inlay with attachment for prosthesis fixation 180.00€
Glass fibre pin 60.00€
An incisor retainer or dental splint 150.00€
Retainers removing 60.00€
Prototype crown 20.00€
Telescope crown for protheses 450.00-600.00€
Temporary crown on implant 280.00€
Single-tooth plastic denture 150.00€
Single-tooth flexible plastic denture (Valplast) 350.00€
Plastic denture (up to 6 teeth) 270.00€
Plastic denture for more than 6 teeth 350.00€
Plastic total denture in the maxilla (upper jaw) or mandible(lower jaw) 550.00€
Plastic denture with soft base 550.00€
Valplast flexible total denture 480.00-550.00€
Metal-framed plastic denture 750.00€
Metal-framed plastic denture with attachments 850.00€
Dentures fractures repairing 70.00€
Adding missing tooth or staples fixation 80.00€
Fast repairing double price
Flexible dentures repair 160.00€
Relining of plastic denture 100.00€
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