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Dental surgery

Dental surgery deals with the surgical treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and surrounding tissue organs. All surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia

Extraction of an anterior tooth 45.00€
Extraction of a posterior tooth 40.00€
Extraction of a wisdom tooth 100.00€
Wisdom tooth extraction with osteotomy 220.00€
Socket preservation after extraction with bone graft 200.00€
Milk tooth extraction 40.00€
Apical tooth resection with retrograde root canal preparation 350.00 (+līdz 200.00)€
Sinus lift surgery with bone graft 800.00-1000.00 additional artificial bone (150.00-300.00)€
Surgical guide for dental implant 220.00€
Gingival graft 200.00€
Bone augmentation (regeneration) surgery-bone graft from 700.00-1400.00 (depending on the volume)€
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