Dental surgery

Dental surgery is the manipulation of the teeth, gums or jaw area to eliminate inflammation and improve oral health.

It can be:

  • extraction of a damaged tooth or wisdom tooth extraction (which tends to be more complicated due to the roots and position of the tooth)
  • resection of the root tip (removal of infectious tissue above the root in the jawbone )
  • periodontal (surrounding tooth tissue)-gums and bone pockets
  • implantation (placement of a dental implant ) in the jawbone
  • augmentation (closure of a bone or gum defect in case of implantation or trauma)

Frequently asked questions about dental surgery >>>

Can a tooth extraction be useful for you?

The answer is Yes, because the tooth as bone contains collagen (mostly in dentin, cementum) and minerals (mostly in enamel) that can be used as autologous (by the body itself) bone material.

The tooth is ground and treated in a specially designed machine, the dental transformer, which demineralises, disinfects and converts the dentin and enamel into a moistened biocompatible autologous material. If a dental implant is not immediately placed in the missing space, or cannot be placed for other reasons, the bone defect can be filled by crushing the tooth tissue.

The growth factors in the natural material will stimulate bone regeneration and create a good base for future implants or reduce the size of the defect. It is a safe, scientifically sound, economical and easy-to-use method without the use of synthetic bone substitutes.

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Consultation by a surgeon 60.00€
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth 50.00€
Extraction of a multirooted tooth 60.00€
Wisdom tooth extraction 100.00€
Wisdom tooth extraction with osteotomy 220.00€
Wound treatment with tissue material from the tooth itself, obtained with a tooth transformer (sutures and membrane included) 250.00€
Milk tooth extraction 40.00€
Resection of the root tip + (material) 350(+līdz 200)€
Sinus lift (closed or open) 800-1000 дополнительная искусственная кость (150.00-300 .00)
Surgery guide 220.00€
Gumplasty or transplantation 200.00€
Bone augmentation with bone block and artificial material from 700-1400.00 (depends of volume)