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Dental implants

Dental implants

Each of us has faced the need to extract a tooth.
And everyone is wondering how to fill this space. A lost tooth becomes both an aesthetic problem and an increasing load on adjacent teeth.
Then the tooth line is deformed (teeth collapse) and the bite changes.
Modern dentistry allows a missing tooth to be replaced with a tooth implant without affecting the adjacent teeth.

A dental implant looks like a screw that is attached to the jaw bone and forms a tooth crown on it. The tooth implant is made of titanium, which coexists with the body's tissues, and the tooth crown is made of ceramic, which does not differ from the other teeth. Implantation is the most advanced technology for replacing missing teeth.

Advantages of implantation:

✔ missing tooth can be restored without touching adjacent teeth,
✔ implantation allows to avoid removable prostheses,
✔ implantation allows tooth row restoration even in case of toothless jaw,
✔ it is possible to fix existing removable dentures by implantation;
✔ Dental implantation prevents bone resorption at the site of the extracted tooth.

Teeth are implanted in the jaw bone and, depending on the quality of the bone, surgery is sometimes required to prepare the bone for implantation. Although it prolongs the process and sometimes requires long-term treatment (up to a year), you get comfort for a long time! Because implants last longer than dental bridges or removable dentures! Implantation completely restores aesthetics and function that cannot be achieved with a removable denture! The cost of implantation is higher, but comfort outweighs it!

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