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Dental surgery

Dental surgery

Everyone one of us once in a lifetime has to face the loss of a tooth. In our clinic extracting the tooth is only done in extreme cases. We are trying to save as many teeth as we can.

However, sometimes separated from the tooth:

✔ However sometimes loss of a tooth is inevitable:

✔ If the tooth is not renewable( e.g., because of trauma or dental plaque)

✔ If the tooth needs to be extracted, for the chance to put dental implant in It’s place (in the case of periodontal illness)

✔ For the purposes of orthodontic manipulations-when regulating teeth (not enough space in teeth row)  

✔ Malposition (e.g., Wisdom tooth), that damages adjacent teeth and/or cheek

Extraction of the wisdom tooth is a little bit complicated and is considered an operation, which requires preparation.

Some contraindications for extracting teeth are:

✔ Stomatitis,

✔ Acute respiratory illnesses

✔ Cardiovascular diseases

✔ Tumor

Some recommendations for dental extraction:

✔ Refrain from eating 2-3 hours after surgery

✔ Do not use hot food and drinks on the day of the surgery

✔ Avoid rinsing your mouth the day of surgery

✔ Brush your teeth gently in the extracted tooth region

✔ Do not go in the sauna and bath in the day of surgery

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