Erosion is an abnormal, chronic, localized loss of tooth hard tissue caused by acid levels in the mouth, a process that occurs in the absence of bacteria.

The causes of erosion can be various: diet, medication, profession, diseases of the digestive system, psychosomatic diseases, vomiting related to pregnancy, etc.

Erosion can cause severe damage to the hard tissues of the tooth and tooth sensitivity.

How to treat?

  1. The cause of erosion must be identified and eliminated
  2. Sensitizers (toothpastes, toothpastes, etc.) can be used for small enamel losses.
  3. Restorations (composite aesthetic restorations / ceramic restorations) are used for major lesions or lesions that interfere with the patient’s aesthetics.

Recommendations for patients with erosion:

  1. The cause of erosion must always be found and eliminated (changing diet, treating general illnesses, etc.);
  2. Rinse mouth with water after vomiting episodes or after taking acidic foods / drinks;
  3. After vomiting or the use of acidic products, teeth should not be cleaned for at least 30 minutes;
  4. Take soft drinks only with meals;
  5. Use only non-abrasive toothpastes;
  6. Use only soft toothbrushes;
  7. Dilute acidic beverages, such as: juices;
  8.  Use fluoride toothpastes
  9. Cover your teeth with toothpaste