Yes, you can have a temporary crown if the implant is firmly fixed in the bone, but you must not bite on it, usually in the incisor area for aesthetic reasons.

If the implant is weak or insufficiently fixed in the bone, then the implant is placed:

👉 a cover screw and the gum is sewn shut (usually for 2-3 months or 5-6 months in the case of a synovus implant). After that it is necessary to open the implant, place a gingival former, wait 2-3 weeks or form the gum with a temporary crown (2-3 weeks) and then order a dental crown.

👉 gingival former, which as the name suggests holds the gum around the implant and prevents it from breaking off (after 2-3 months you can take the plague and form the crown on the implant).