For patients who experience the discomfort of a removable prosthesis (falling while eating or talking) and the adhesive fixation does not ensure their stability throughout the day, then there is a modern solution.

Removable implant – based prostheses


  • Comfort
  • Easy denture removal and care
  • Stable fixation due to fixation elements connecting the implant part to the plate (No denture fixation glue required)
  • Effectively supports prostheses in cases of severe bone loss when implantation is limited
  • Much lower costs compared to fixed or non-removable dentures
  • They perfectly support the lips and cheeks, filling the space to flatten the bone

Can be made in both upper and lower jaw!

Minimum 2 implants in the lower jaw (optimal 4 implants) 4 implants in the upper jaw

In this case, you can have a stable removable prosthesis

If the number of implants is larger, for example, the placement of 6 implants in the upper jaw and -4 implants in the lower jaw allows to make a non-removable or fixed prosthesis.


Costs Price of implants from 500 -640 Euro, multiplied by the number of implants and the cost of the plate depending on the type and number of fixation elements (this can be found out during the consultation).

Sequence of procedure:

  • 1 visit – Consultation and diagnostics (3D X-ray implant planning and diagnostic formula taken by the dentist during the consultation;
  • Visit 2 – implant placement (healing period is 2-3 months in the lower jaw and 2-6 months in the upper jaw);
  • Visit 3 – The dentist removes the exact measurements and orders a prosthesis individually made in a dental technical laboratory, the appearance of which does not differ from natural teeth;
  • Visit 4 – timing of the prosthesis;
  • Visit 5 – prosthesis fixation and instruction;
  • Check visits every year!