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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Patients are often worried about visible seals or dyed teeth. More rarely, patients don't like intertooth gaps or the wrong placement of their teeth. In this case, the aesthetic sealing of teeth with high-grade toothsealing materials or substitution (veneers or crowns) can help.

You may even need to adjust your teeth

Which option to choose?

We recommend that you consult our specialists for advice, because only a professional can suggest one or more variations.
You may need a combination of several options. We carefully analyze the current situation in the oral cavity, including bite specificities, tooth shape,
and placement in the tooth row.
Choosing tooth color is also important. We model front teeth as they might look after restoration from the wax to the plaster (outside of oral cavity).

Without polishing your teeth, you have the option of trying on plastic teeth from a wax-like mould. You have the opportunity to see your restoration before the procedure. For example, you can see how your teeth will look after closing the tooth gap to see if you like it.

The choice remains with you. We photograph the patient before and after the restoration. And believe it - usually change is obvious! The patients are pleasantly surprised by the result and their smile is our best gift.

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After aesthetic restoration of teeth