• Teeth whitening is a gentler and less invasive method compared to other restorations (fillings, veneers, crowns, etc.).
  • Perforating tooth sensitivity may occur during the procedure. Sealed teeth are more likely to develop sensitivity during professional whitening than intact teeth.
  • Home whitening with graves is associated with lower tooth sensitivity.
  • Activation of the UV light of the whitening gel does not improve the result.
  • After high-concentration whitening procedures, the enamel temporarily becomes softer, so do not brush your teeth immediately after whitening procedures.

It should be remembered that professional bleaching does not fade existing old and repainted restorations (seals, crowns). Restorations can be replaced approximately 2 weeks after the last whitening procedure, when the tooth color will stabilize.

Optimal treatment that helps to keep the results longer Professional whitening in the dentist’s chair + maintenance home whitening once a month using individual silicone capsules with whitening gel.

PAREIZA METODE + PAREIZA VIELA atbilstošā koncentrācijā ir drošā un efektīvā metodē kā tikt pie skaista smaida
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