Tooth adjustment with tooth graves – aligners – is becoming more and more popular nowadays, because they have several advantages over braces:

  • less visible compared to braces,
  • more convenient and easier to eat (can be removed while eating),
  • does not injure cheeks and lips (does not stab or scratch),
  • shorter treatment time,
  • less frequent visits to the dentist (must appear every second, third month),
  • no pain because it is gentle on the teeth,
  • expected result
  • can whiten teeth in parallel (graves can also be used for whitening),
  • easy to clean, healthier gums,
  • does not injure teeth and even protects them from wear.



Metal braces with monthly visits cost around 2900 euros, ceramics – 3500 euros, while  aligners- up to 3300 euros in complicated cases and at no extra cost, even if adjustment required.

Dont work

There are no cases where cemeteries do not work, but hybrid treatment accelerates the results,for example, using a brace segment or implant as a support in complex cases.


  • straighten compressed teeth,
  • smooth the bite (deep, cross, loose),
  • straighten crooked teeth,
  • prepare teeth for prosthetics or surgery (for example, free space for an implant),
  • improves tooth position for a perfect smile,
  • can close tooth gaps,
  • can also be adjusted for periodontitis

Important to note!

Wear graves daily for at least 22 hours a day (remove only when eating).

Use elastic with new ones every day as instructed by your doctor (without them, there will be no result).

Both your teeth and graves must be cleaned thoroughly (hygiene must be perfect).

If at any time, however, pain occurs, it is possible that it was quickly transferred to new cemeteries (for 2 days the previous grave should be used longer).

The capsule is changed every 14 days or 10 days if your doctor tells you to (for the first 4 days at least 14 days, starting from 5 graves – can be changed faster if used 23 hours a day).

Feeling tense, change every 12 days, minimum 10 days.


Diagnostics requires:

1. X-ray company

2. patient pictures,

3. diagnostic forms or dental impressions.

The diagnostic package is sent to the Ordoline Center, where a thorough treatment plan is developed after the doctor recommendations. When the visualization of the final result is sent, which the customer views, after. Acceptance is ordered for cemeteries, which are manufactured and shipped within 2 weeks.

To achieve the desired result:

– some attachments to the teeth that are light and weakly visible on the teeth are required,

– sometimes it is necessary to grind a little compressed teeth a bit to create space and even improve aesthetic results (it is an absolutely painless and toothless procedure),

– sometimes a firm support in the bone (eg an ortho-screw) is needed,

– sometimes special rubbers or elastics must be used to facilitate tooth movement,

– Sometimes it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth if they block the movement of teeth.