☝🦷Caries at the contact points of the teeth (between the teeth) are often considered to be the relatively “most dangerous” caries. This is because holes in the spaces between the teeth cannot usually be seen for very long, so they are often detected when the patient complains of pain.
In the case shown in the pictures, the holes in both teeth were only detected thanks to a follow-up X-ray.
👉 The first picture shows the teeth when all the carious masses had been removed and the teeth were ready for filling.
👉 The second picture shows the final result after bite correction and polishing.
Both teeth were restored with composite material.
Dear patients!🤗
Remember to go to the dentist even when nothing hurts! We will carry out a clinical examination of the teeth and take the necessary X-rays to detect any damage in time!
Article by Dr Laila Kondratieva