Implantation is a common procedure today, as dental implants have been known for over 50 years and have been thoroughly researched. Implantation is the best way to replace one or more missing teeth.

The implant is a Titanium screw, the surface of which is designed and treated to grow into the bone as quickly as possible and last a long time.

  • Implantation or insertion of a screw into the jaw bone can be:
  • Immediate (immediately after tooth extraction or gentle removal)
  • Early 6 weeks after tooth extraction
  • Late (it is necessary to augment or increase bone or soft tissue, then you will have to wait from 6 to 8 months after extension or in more complicated cases).

The world’s best-known dental implant brands such as Straumann, Ankylos, Nobel Biocare and others. The best dental implants, which have an innovative design and countless clinical and scientific studies, do not stop researching and producing, they grow as quickly as possible and can be loaded immediately after insertion thanks to the bioactive surface and special design, so you can get a dental crown quickly.

  • So that the crown on the dental implant does not differ from the natural tooth
  • To have a stable connection to the crown
  • To be long lasting (for life)
  • The different diameters and lengths of the implant allow them to be placed even in an insufficiently large bone (6 or 8 mm long implants or mini implants serve less than standard size implants 10 mm, 12 mm), therefore it is recommended to insert them in larger numbers to distribute the load more evenly and large-scale bone augmentation procedure

Conditions for successful implantation:

  1. Good health (diabetics and heart patients, as well as smokers are at risk)
  2. Enough bone volume and soft tissue
  3. Implant design and surface
  4. Insertion position and procedure (assisted by a surgical guide)

It is important to insert the implant into the bone so that:

  • There should be a minimum of 1.5mm to 2mm of bone around it
  • 3D position in the bone
  • At the right angle
  • At a safe distance from anatomical structures, e.g. nerves or adjacent cavities
  • As parallel as possible to other implants 

All of this can be planned by making a surgical guide before inserting the implant and it will be safe, fast, painless.

What is needed?

  • 3D X-ray company or ICAT
  • Dental and maxillofacial formula prepared by a dentist
  • The guide can be made in 4-5 working days and for any implant system.
  • No risk of injury to adjacent structures
  • Quick and easy implantation
  • Rapid recovery as pain is minimal or minimal
  • Safe procedure especially in cases with limited bone volume.
  • Maximum precision implant placement is not guaranteed by hands-free implantation

We choose and offer you safe, fast, non-traumatic dental implants with the world’s best-known and best Swiss implant brand – Strauman BLX <BL <TL

  • Innovative design
  • Secure and stable connection to the crown
  • High quality
  • Reliable, scientifically and clinically studied
  • It can load quickly