There are different ways to improve your smile:

  1. If the shape and condition of the teeth is good, then the natural color of the teeth can be improved by performing annual dental hygiene.
  2. If you want to get lighter teeth, you can whiten them either in the dentist’s chair or at home (it is better to ask your dentist)
  3. If the condition of the teeth is not so perfect, different solutions can be found depending on the depth and width of the defect!
  4. Small and medium defects can be filled, larger ones can be covered by covering the visible surface of the tooth with thin ceramic plates or veneers or with a composite or so on. “White” or “light” or “light” seal. Both variants are minimally invasive or do not require grinding the tooth itself, either it is ground to a minimum of 0.5 mm from the tooth enamel.
  5. If the tooth defect is very large and often discolored because it is lifeless, then it is better to cover the tooth with a grave or crown. The best solution for incisors is ceramic or zirconium-ceramic crowns, which will allow you to get a natural and aesthetic smile with a lasting result without the “bluish” edges along the gums, which are often noticed by people who have cermet crowns.
  6. And if the condition of your teeth is compressed or otherwise altered, it is better to adjust it before you want to get a “Hollywood” smile, because the bite is one of the most important factors for the durability of all the above restorations.
  7. Therefore, trust your dentist if he recommends:
  • tidy up the back teeth before resorting to aesthetic dental procedures
  • perform dental hygiene
  • raise or adjust the bite