Unfortunately, the protracted pandemic and stress adversely affect our psycho-emotional state and, as a result, bruxism or so-called “Tooth cutting” theme.

Often people do not realize or notice how stressful during the day or sleep grating their teeth or simply squeezing their teeth, which contributes to their fracture cracking or increased sensitivity of teeth to various irritants.

If you notice that:

  • teeth crack
  • to break
  • becomes noticeably yellower in the middle and smoother or shorter
  • when you wake up, you feel tension in the muscles of your face or jaw
  • sensitive to several teeth

*you have time to go to the dentist.

*If the condition of the teeth is good and there are only a few signs of grating, which is usually noticed by the dentist on the dentures and recommends the use of a night protective grave, which is a plastic lining on the tooth surfaces 1-1.5 mm thick.

Can be used periodically or every night depending on periods of stress. Cabinets should be replaced when they wear to the holes (INDIVIDUALLY). It is usually made in one jaw.

*If the teeth often break and cause discomfort, it is often necessary to restore the anatomy of the teeth, because if they are flat and short, the height of the bite is also lost, which can cause not only aesthetic but also problems with chewing food and the jaw joint.

This can be done by filling the tooth or, for larger defects, restoring the lost tissue with onlays or crowns.

*If the situation is so complicated that the jaw joint, neck muscles or difficulty opening and biting the mouth are painful and cracked, then a muscle relaxation grave is required before complete tooth reconstruction and patience for longer treatment. Often, even chronic headaches can be the result of a disordered or altered bite caused by a dentist in collaboration with specialists such as osteopaths, physiotherapists, and more. can prevent and achieve great results.