Children love to be on the move – running, jumping, skating, sledding or cycling. But sometimes you also stumble upon it. Falling out with a broken tooth – what to do and how to do it right?

If a baby breaks a milk tooth – you will have to say goodbye to the tooth when you grow new.

If you have a permanent tooth knocked out:
1) Find a broken tooth.

2) Holding the tooth behind the tooth crown, rinse it under cold running water for 5 seconds only if it is dirty.

3) Put the tooth back in place – as deep as possible.

4) Lock all teeth by chewing a napkin and go to the dentist quickly!

5) If it is not possible to put the tooth in place, it should be placed immediately in saline (1 tablespoon of salt + 1 l of water, or buy the finished solution in a pharmacy), cold milk or baby’s saliva (the child should be followed by swallowing).

6) Do not scratch, clean with toothpaste, wrap in a napkin or put in a bag !!!

7) Seek the help of a dentist immediately!

If everything is done correctly, there is a chance that the tooth will not be lost.

The main thing in any case is to stay calm, act quickly and at any injury visit a specialist.